Exterior Pressure Washing Louisville KY & Southern Indiana

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Pressure Washing Louisville KY & Southern Indiana


Exterior painting finishes in the Louisville KY area generally need to have a lot of preparation before the new paint, stain, or industrial coating is applied. The Ohio Valley is notorious for the harsh weathering conditions that are exterior substrates have to stand up to. Without properly cleaning or removing the underlying surface, a new coating or deck staining has no real chance to stick over the long haul. With summers that are over 90 degrees and winter seeing below zero temperatures, we have to be extra diligent. And there’s no substitute for a high pressure chemical wash applied by our power washing machines.


Power Washing Concrete Stadiums and BuildingsPower Washing Concrete Buildings, Sidewalks, Stadiums

In addition to power washing our residential decks and exteriors, we also do commercial power washing services for large institutions and building owners.

What makes us most effective is that we have the tools, materials, and experience to do these projects. Also we can do them on weekends and during off peak hours or seasons when traffic is slow.

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