How to Clean Paint Out of Carpets

Clean Paint From Carpet

Photo Credit: Centric Cleaning

From time to time home owners that do their own painting will call us and ask if we know how to clean paint out of carpets. Face it, accidents happen, so any painting company should have contacts with a reputable company that knows how to remove paint from carpets.

But before we address cleaning a paint spill from carpet let’s discuss properly managing the job so that it doesn’t happen to start with.

Always tarp the entire carpeted area in the room or rooms that are going to be painted. This is crucial and will keep the carpet free of dust from sanding along with keeping a spill contained. It’s important to have tarps with a neoprene backing to keep any spilled paint from seeping through the tarp and into the carpet.

Always keep your paint secured. Use a pot hook, or if you don’t have one hand use an old coat hanger and bend into the shape of a hook so that you can firmly attach it to a ladder so that your paint bucket doesn’t fall.

The Carpet Cleaning Process

If you do spill paint on your carpet there is a very precise method for removing it.

If you do not own a steam generating carpet cleaning machine then you will need to hire a professional to do it for you. In the carpet cleaning video below, Chris Stinnett of Centric Cleaning in Lexington KY will go through the step by step method of how to remove a paint spill from carpet. To illustrate how effective the method is he thoroughly sprayed the test carpet with an oil based paint and let it dry. We used Chris’s carpet cleaning service to save a carpet on a project and were no less than impressed. The process you see below is the exact process he used for our project.


Video Credit: Centric Cleaning of Lexington KY

Always hire professional Carpet Cleaner On Big Spills

Always hire a professional Carpet Cleaner to take care of a big paint spill on carpets. There’s a good chance that they can come in and get it removed with no sign of it ever having happened.

If you don’t hire a pro and opt to try cleaning the carpet yourself with amateur tools, you run the chance of having to replace the entire carpet throughout the building or home. Call a pro, it’s your best chance to save the carpet. And better yet? Always manage the painting job correctly with proper tarps and keep the area secured. In the case where we hired Chris it was the homeowners large dog that ran into the house while the door was opened and knocked over a ladder with a paint bucket attached to it.

Yes! Accidents happen.

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