Interior Wallpaper Removal Louisville

Wallpaper Removal Louisville


Removing wallpaper is a tedious dirty job. Most wallpaper can be painted over with a minimum of preperation and it’s far less expensive when compared to the price of removing the wall paper. We’ve done several jobs where we painted over wallpaper and every customer that’s had it done loved it, and we never have seen it fail. Face it, new drywall is paper. Look around your home at all of the things that are painted and ask yourself why not wallpaper. When we’re done nobody knows you ever had wallpaper. See it done in the video below.

For our Interior Wallpaper removal we use brand name tools and strippers available here in the Louisville area. Following proper specifications as to how and when to use specific wallpaper stripping or removal chemicals in a home, is also critical in achieving a quality finish at the end of any interior painting project. See us paint over wallpaper in the video below.


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Our Louisville home interior painters can come out and remove all of your wallpaper, or just strip the wallpaper in a few rooms of your house. After all of the removal and preparation of your wall surfaces, we apply the necessary paint to achieve a beautiful finish at the end.

Our painters take a lot of pride in their finished work, accomplishing it with consistency takes a set way of doing things, and Wallpaper removal is no easy task. If you need drywall repair after you’ve removed your drywall we can take care of that for you.

Large items are moved to the center of the room and covered with clean plastic covers or tarps, if needed small items are moved to another location to ensure they’re kept clean and not broken. All floors and runways are covered with clean painters tarps to ensure that the errant drip doesn’t hit your beautiful carpet or hardwood, we take great care in protecting your flooring and furnishings.

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